I have noticed that lots of trainees and, unfortunately, also trainers do not know the difference between warming-up and stretching and therefore, these two key parts of each training are simply left out.

The STRETCHING programme includes stretching exercises and aims at decreasing the muscle soreness.

It consists of static stretching and shall be done after the training or to decrease muscle soreness. You can find the history of your trainings (number of calories burned, time spent for training, number of exercises done, etc.) for each day in the tab “Profile” of the Extreme Training® App.

The STRETCHING programme offers you the following:

  • Decrease of shoulder and back pain
  • Decrease of muscle pain
  • Better posture
  • Effective mobility exercise
  • Improvement of physical performance, stability and balance
  • Better general well-being
  • Greater self-confidence

As a mum and a wife, I often wonder what to cook tomorrow – that’s why I prepared 1,825 healthy meals with recipes and calculated calorie intake.

So, you will gain access to guided trainings and healthy recipes!

With just one simple click on the tab “Recipes” in the Extreme Training ® App, you will find the answer to the question what to cook tomorrow.



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