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Summer body challenge

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Summer body challenge

Training for hot summer days

Just as we easily gain weight in winter, we have a hard time getting rid of it before summer.

But why should I “gain” extra pounds during, before and after the summer?

he summer body challenge is a challenge that will make sure you don’t look for excuses in the summer to avoid exercising. The biggest mistake of women is that they think that they do not need exercise in the summer, because the days are longer enough to walk, swim, etc .. But unfortunately this is not the case, namely walking, swimming, running, etc. They can NEVER replace a carefully planned guided training plan. That is why I have prepared a very special exercise program for you, suitable for summer – high temperatures.

What is the Summer body challenge?

A new, simple and extremely effective exercise program that fully guides you through every workout (from warming up, training and finally stretching) with which you will achieve a seductive fit physique. In addition to the SUMMER BODY CHALLENGEPROGRAM, which includes 15 guided workouts, you can also find 1,825 healthy and tasty recipes.

You just want to shape your booty?

Maybe you just want to train your tummy and legs?

Or maybe you’re the type of woman who wants to shape her entire physique?

Program tailored By your wishes

With a summer body challenge, all of this is possible. You can choose between exercises for a specific partof the body, or you can do training for the whole body. All workouts are fully guided and results are guaranteed. I believe that you will achieve the goal too as more than 10,000 satisfied users before you. We are stronger together! Together we are stronger!

The recipes which you will find in the Extreme training app are really tasty and uncomplicated, making it even easier because they contain recipes and calculated kcal intake.

In addition to guided workouts, the menus for hot summer days are a unique combination that will keep you in FIT shape over the summer, while improving your fitness and shaping your physique. So you will shining on the beach in your new bikini.