Mistakes that are not mistakes at all

During my long career in and out of the gym, as a coach or instructor, I have encountered various prejudices that are mainly distracting factors throughout the process. In this text, I will try to draw attention with an argument that brings the right thinking and thus better results.

Women are not allowed to lift weights because they will “gain weight”.

The general belief is that if women perform strength exercises, they will “gain” muscle and pounds very quickly, which could interfere with their female features and gender-specific tenderness. Therefore, strength exercises are thought to be useful only for men. This, of course, is not the right mindset.

The only difference between the sexes that can be considered appropriate in the training process is that men and women differ hormonally (i.e., men produce more testosterone) and that women have a higher percentage of body fat. Due to testosterone deficiency, women need more time to gain muscle mass, but also due to the higher percentage of fat, they need more time to “define” themselves. What brings us all mass or definition is the number of calories we consume, ie. the food we eat, quality training and of course rest.

So, ladies, do strength exercises. Such Exercise can improve motor skills (strength, speed, endurance, etc.). If the workout is designed properly, it will have a positive effect on bones, joints, tendons and also muscles.

Avoid “heavy exercises” to avoid injury.

Heavy exercises usually include squats, deadlifts, push-ups, etc. These exercises seem complicated to beginners and are often avoided because they think there will be an injury. Such thinking is not correct because in reality, any exercise can cause injury. If we perform the exercise correctly and determine the load based on our abilities – there is no danger. On the contrary, these exercises are among the most effective for the development of the whole body, as they simultaneously activate several muscle groups, improve coordination, strengthen all the most important muscles and also cause the greatest hormonal response of the body. Because of this, these exercises or different versions of these exercises are indispensable in the training plan of serious coaches and professional athletes.

Cardio training melts muscles

Another common mistake we encounter in training. Cardio training serves to improve cardiovascular performance, muscle endurance and reduce the percentage of body fat. It can affect weight loss, but not muscle mass. During cardio training, fats or carbohydrates are used as the predominant fuel for energy production, not the proteins that make up muscle. Professional bodybuilders often do cardio training in their training, so it is clear that this claim does not have much basis.

If I train longer, the results will be faster

Many are of the opinion that if they expose their body to prolonged training in this way, they reach the goal sooner. Training in itself is important, but not crucial. It represents the time in which the organism is affected in a certain way by physical activity in order for the organism to respond to this change.

How the body will respond depends on diet, rest before and after training. Only a good combination of these three elements gives the optimal result. If you have a good training program, and meanwhile your diet is inadequate and rest is insufficient, there is a high probability that you will soon lose motivation or you will start to lose strength, weight, and so on.

I have to do sit-ups to get a “six-pack”

You’ve heard many times that individuals do thousands of sit-ups, and the abdominal muscles are still not visible.

The abdominal muscles are exactly the same as all the other muscles and should be treated in the same way. Exercise and the number of repetitions affect their growth, strength, and endurance. You can do 1000 sit-ups a day, but you can also do 100-200. You can do them every day or every second, third. How the belly will look depends a lot on the diet and the percentage of body fat.

If your diet is properly designed and your goal is to reduce your body fat percentage, a defined and expressive belly will not be a problem. However, if you don’t take care of your diet and do abdominal exercises to the point of unconsciousness, the result you want will be missed.

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