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Vida Macura

My name is Vida Macura. I was born on 1 November 1983 in Koper. I am an athlete, an entrepreneur, a mother and a wife. I have two small kids with a small age difference. Both of them were born with a C-section and I got back in shape both times. Let me add that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who gain only 7-12 kg during the pregnancy. I gained 22 kg during my first pregnancy with Nik (in 2015) and 25 kg during my second pregnancy with Mia (in 2019). And I got my body back in shape without any diet, only with the Extreme Training.

I do sports since my 7th year. I trained karate and won many titles. So, sport has been a part of my life for 29 years now, the last 24 of which I dedicated to my professional career, at first with competitions and then with trainings.

During my long sports career:

  • I was a multiple national champion in karate (sport fighting),
  • I was representative of the Republic of Slovenia,
  • I gained a title Karate Master (black belt, 1. Dan),
  • I obtained a license for II. degree athletic trainer at the Faculty of Sports in Ljubljana.

I believe that with my knowledge and experience, I can help you get an attractive body shape, like I have helped more than 1,000 women before you.

I do sports already from my young age. Sport is a part of my everyday life and without it I wouldn’t be me. Therefore, I am extremely grateful that the life gave me the opportunity to work as a trainer and to help others in raising their confidence, improving their physical and psychological condition, relieving the back and joint pain and finally, in getting in their best shape. Even if I was not a trainer, sports would be a part of my life, since this is who I am.

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In the end, I would only like to add that I am extremely proud of my husband Simon Maglica, since we managed to patent the name, the logo and the programme – I couldn’t have done it without him. You know what they say – behind every successful man there is a successful woman and behind every successful woman there is a successful man.

And now… quickly try my app, train with me and reach amazing results. And don’t forget – the first 14 days are free, so you can convince yourself of the results I promise you.

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