28 days to your new body

It’s a long journey behind us, and also a long path ahead, but we’ve already managed to help more than 50.000 women, with our patented Extreme training program. We are looking forward to improve every segment of our app on daily basis and of course upgrade in-app user experience to the next level.

It takes us more than 10 years of testing, training and organizing everything, to find perfect »sliming« formula for your body, which is perfect ratio between daily activity and ideal calorie intake for your body.

Solving the biggest competitor problems

What do you need? Practicaly nothing. Just some watter, some free space at your home and some »private time« for training. No worryes, we have new short training programs inside the app, if you don’t have enough time for normal training. App will solve the biggest user problem with exercise guidance, which results in choosing the perfect guided training plan for you.

Perfect meal plann for faster results

Choosing the perfect meal plan is also not problem anymore. Our yearly meal planner is directed towards the healthyer lifestyle with ingriedients, which you can find in every household and local market. Great! Now you have perfect training plan and perfect meal plan with calculated calorie intake.

The most importaint thing is ideal ratio

Visible results are one of the most common goals of every women, and we have mastered this problem. Just tap on the training screen where you can find all 13 different training programs from begginner to profesional level, and also programs for senior, pregnancy workout and post pregnancy program which is perfect for fixing diastasis recti.

In order, to make app more affordable to every woman, we have made Totally FREE 7 days trial with no credit card needed. We guarantee you visible results in 14 days.

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